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Advertising BALLOONS
Advertising BLIMPS

14ft. Blimp with Artwork
Our Most Popular Product
Advertising Blimp - 14 ft. with Hot Sauce logo artwork
$1021.00 with usual artwork

14 ft. Polyurethane Blimp
airship like Advertising Blimp - 14ft. red and white - no art
$665.00 - no lettering or artwork

   7 ft. Helium Balloon
     Advertising Balloon - 7ft. red balloon - no art
$269.00 - no lettering or artwork

   7 ft. Balloon w/ art
     Helium balloons made to order. We can duplicate almost any logo or artwork.
$533.00 - Most Artwork

11 ft. Polyurethane Blimp
helium advertising blimp - 11 ft. - no lettering
11 ft. blimp - no artwork - $461.00

11 ft. Blimp w/ art
helium Blimp balloon - with artwork
11 ft. blimp w/ usual artwork - $725.00

25 ft. Money Bag Inflatable
Advertising Balloon Inflatables - 25 ft. Money Bag
25 ft. MoneyBag-from $3250.00

Custom Cloud Shape Balloons
Custom inflatable Balloons - cloud shape helium balloons
Helium Balloons Made in USA.

Blimps made in the USA!
Increase Traffic!
Increase SALES!

    14 ft. Blimp
    14 ft. long advertising blimp with custom logo
      blimp - 11 ft. advertising blimp with one Hour Optical logo11 ft. blimp

    We are one of the largest advertising blimps manufacturers in the world, with over 1000 dealers in the US stocking our products. We make all our helium advertising balloons and advertising blimps in the USA and there is only one reason for our success:


    Advertising Blimps

       promotional blimp - 7ft. balloon with lettering    Promotional Blimp - 20 ft. blimp with lettering

       It really is as simple as that. We sell advertising balloons, promotional blimps and helium advertising inflatables and as one customer put it;
    "When the balloon goes up, so do the sales".
    That is why we're dedicated to bringing you the best quality helium balloon inflatables. We know that we can help your company increase visibility, traffic, sales and profits. If you need to highlight the opening a new store, announce a new product or promote a Big Event give helium advertising balloons and advertising blimps a try!

         Our products , cost less, weigh less, last longer and look better, that's why we're the number 1 choice and why we have thousands of repeat customers.

    NO PVC

    We use only the highest quality material; made in the USA for manufacturing our helium advertising balloons, advertising blimps and custom helium inflatables. PVC is a known carcinogen and most of the balloons and blimps for sale are imported and are made of PVC. That smell in PVC is caused by volatile organics. Our polyurethane costs approximately six times more per pound than the cost of PVC but we think it's worth the difference and believe you will also. Polyurethane is approximately three times more helium retentive than PVC which means your helium will last much longer in one of our products. Higher sheen and longer lasting sheen. PVC balloons and blimps start fading within days. Polyurethane is stronger and lighter than PVC so the same volume polyurethane balloon or blimp will have greater net lift, thus better flying ability, than products made of PVC.

    Same Price - Better Product - Go with the BEST!

    Custom helium balloons and blimps are our specialty.

         inflatable balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables are giant flying billboards. Your message 120ft. in the air on a giant advertising balloon or advertising blimp will attract attention.

    Smiley Balloon
    Inflatable Advertising Balloons - Smiley Face helium balloons.

    Advertising Blimps Price List

    Advertising Balloons Price List

    Email us for more information

    Call 1-800-791-1445 for Blimp Prices

    Hundreds of Advertising Blimps in Stock!

    We Manufacture Our Balloons!

    We Duplicate almost Any Size, Shape or Artwork!

    Made in the USA!

    No Mystery Metals in the INKS! No Volatile Organics!

    Giant Cube Balloon
    Custom Balloons - Cube shape helium inflatable balloons with artwork.
       Custom inflatable Balloons - Barrel shape helium balloons.

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